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InnoMatch Regional Innovation Fair

saturday 06 april 2013 at 16h04

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InnoMatch Regional Innovation Fair in Arad on 3-4 April 2013, where the COMINPRO project has been presented, as VATI representatives participating there remarked)

Workshop Timisoara March27

wednesday 13 march 2013 at 11h47

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“Politehnica” University of Timisoara organizes a workshop in order to disseminate project results, present PROs and their research profiles and introduce the cross-border co-operation possibilities.
Date: 27 March 2013
Location: Rectorat Building, Senate' Small Room, 2 Victory Square, Timisoara
Agenda: Workshop_Timisoara_March27.pdf

Workshop Szeged March20

wednesday 13 march 2013 at 11h45

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Hungarian Association for Innovation organizes a workshop in order to disseminate project results, present PROs and their research profiles and introduce the cross-border co-operation possibilities.
Date: 20 March 2013
Location: MTA SZAB Székház, Szeged, Somogyi street 7, 2nd floor, room 217
Agenda: Workshop Szeged March20.pdf
Web: http://www.innovacio.hu/ehirlevel/2013_7.html

COMINPRO General Information package

wednesday 03 april 2013 at 15h04

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The two partners worked together for the creation of the general information package, which includes: information about technology transfer, studies, financial and legal information. It also contains the presentations given and a short description of the events for promoting the selected technology offers and finding partners for the selected technology requests, as well as a presentation of the available public and non-public technology transfer databases. The information package is available both online and on DVDs, both in Hungarian and Romanian. The DVD version has been used for project dissemination.

COMINPRO Second Seminar

wednesday 07 november 2012 at 11h11

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On 6 November 2012, the LP organized a second seminar, gathering representatives of different PROs in Timis county. The purpose of the working seminar was to present and to update the studies done regarding the opportunities for joint co-operation between Romanian and Hungarian research organizations. The main actors were the research centers selected as having the most potential for technological transfer. Following this seminar, some valuable inputs have been received related to the joint co-operation potential. One of the conclusions is that there are complementary areas of excellence in research in the 2 regions: in Romania, the excellence is focused on IT, automotive and renewable energy, while in Hungary, the excellence is focused in biology, microbiology and medical applications. This is why, a potential of further joint co-operation has been seen in interdisciplinary projects, where each party could give the best of its expertise. Information can be found here.

TechResearch Connect

friday 14 september 2012 at 20h09

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On 12 September 2012 the LP done a presentation during Tech-Research Connect seminar in RO organized by the ARIES-TM Association with the goal to present the results of the project in front of different stakeholders, especially from the IT research sector, researchers, professors, different stakeholders from PROs (around 70 participants).

The COMINPRO Database

thursday 13 september 2012 at 13h09

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The creation of the online database and mapping of the PROs in Timis and Csongrad counties and through the methodology for identification of PROs. The COMINPRO database consists of a list of organizations (research institutes and universities), mapped from Timis and Csongrad counties, with all their technological and research capabilities, accessible at: http://cominpro.cm.upt.ro/db.

COMINPRO Nemzetközi Szeminárium

tuesday 26 june 2012 at 16h33

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A Temesvári Műszaki Egyetem Multimédiai Kutatóközpontja meghívja Önt a COMINPRO-ról szóló szemináriumra, amely június 28-án (kedden), 13:00-kor kerül megrendezésre az egyetem ELECTRO épületének IS termében (földszint). (Vasile Parvan sugárút 2.)

COMINPRO leaflets and posters

tuesday 21 may 2013 at 11h26

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Projektindító workshop

tuesday 26 june 2012 at 14h49

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A COMINPRO projekt 2012. április 5-én indult Temesváron, ahol az indító workshop-on jelen volt Dr. Mógyorósi Péter és Suhajda Csilla a Magyar Innovációs Szövetségtől, valamint a Temesvári Műszaki Egyetem részéről: Prof. Dr. Radu Vasju, Dr. Diana Andone, Dr. Marian Bucos, Dr. Mugur Mocofan, Dr. Daniel Stan, Ms. Agnes Stepanian és Ms. Cristiana Marchis.