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Launch Workshop

tuesday 26 june 2012 at 14h49

Categories : activities, results, meetings

The COMINPRO project was launched at Timisoara on 5 April 2012, during the kick-off workshop, which was attended by Dr. Péter Mogyorósi and Mrs. Csilla Suhajda from the Hungarian Association for Innovation, as well as by representatives of the “Politehnica” University of Timisoara: Prof.dr. Radu Vasiu, Dr. Diana Andone, Dr. Marian Bucos, Dr. Mugur Mocofan, Dr. Daniel Stan, Ms. Agnes Stepanian and Ms. Cristiana Marchis.

The implementation plan of the project has been discussed, for each project activity, by underlying which are the deadlines, the deliverables and each partner involvement. The next period’s activities have been discussed in more details: creation of the database and methodology development, organisation of the seminar in Timisoara for June 2012.