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COMINPRO Second Seminar

wednesday 07 november 2012 at 11h11

Categories : activities, results

On 6 November 2012, the LP organized a second seminar, gathering representatives of different PROs in Timis county. The purpose of the working seminar was to present and to update the studies done regarding the opportunities for joint co-operation between Romanian and Hungarian research organizations. The main actors were the research centers selected as having the most potential for technological transfer. Following this seminar, some valuable inputs have been received related to the joint co-operation potential. One of the conclusions is that there are complementary areas of excellence in research in the 2 regions: in Romania, the excellence is focused on IT, automotive and renewable energy, while in Hungary, the excellence is focused in biology, microbiology and medical applications. This is why, a potential of further joint co-operation has been seen in interdisciplinary projects, where each party could give the best of its expertise. Information can be found here.

Agenda: Seminar_Timisoara_November06.pdf